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2011 Redistricting Committee

Utah State Legislators:

Sen. Ralph Okerlund, Chair
Rep. Kenneth W. Sumsion, Chair
Rep. Roger E. Barrus
Rep. Melvin R. Brown
Sen. Gene Davis
Rep. Gage Froerer
Rep. Francis D. Gibson
Rep. Neal B. Hendrickson
Rep. Don L. Ipson
Rep. Brian S. King
Rep. Todd E. Kiser
Rep. Rebecca D. Lockhart
Sen. Benjamin M. McAdams
Rep. Merlynn T. Newbold
Sen. Stuart C. Reid
Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell
Sen. Michael G. Waddoups
Rep. Christine F. Watkins
Rep. R. Curt Webb

Committee Staff:

Emily R. Brown, Associate General Counsel
Eric N. Weeks, Deputy General Counsel
John L. Fellows, General Counsel
John Q. Cannon, Managing Policy Analyst
J Brian Allred, Policy Analyst
Mark D. Andrews, Policy Analyst
Benjamin N. Christensen, Policy Analyst
Phillip V. Dean, Policy Analyst
Leif G. Elder, Policy Analyst
Jerry D. Howe, Policy Analyst
Art L. Hunsaker, Policy Analyst
Allison M. Nicholson, Policy Analyst
Richard C. North, Policy Analyst
Joseph T. Wade, Policy Analyst
Kimberly A. Heiner, Legislative Secretary
Spencer Nitz, Redistricting Intern

  • Dthomas

    I have submitted three maps for the state board of education over the past two weeks, but none are ever posted.  Is there a glitch in the system?

  • Mary Olson

    I moved to Saint George in 2004 and I am a Republican like the majority of Southern Utah.  We have suffered with Matheson for too long.  He is not responsive to Southern Utah.  In the
    redistricing please keep Mr. Matheson in the Salt Lake Area.  We can have better response if we do not have him!  He always votes DEMOCRATIC!  Self serving wastrel!
    Mary Olson 435-669-3990

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  • Scott Christian Bauer

    Party-specific boundary jockeying has no place in the redistricting process. The only concerns should be rural vs. urban congressional representation, which is why I wholeheartedly support three urban Wasatch Front districts and one all-encompassing rural district as outlined here:

  • David Edward Garber

    Please choose proposals that best serve the general interests of all Utahns, rather than the special interests of their politicians and/or their parties.

  • David Edward Garber

    Your committee deliberately excluded information about residents’ partisan preferences, as well as incumbents’ home precincts, from its redistricting software—and, yet, these two concerns seem to have become paramount ones for most of you.  Why such hypocrisy?  Do you believe that it was wrong to strive to ignore your peers’ ambitions and/or your parties’ agendas in this redistricting process?  Please either don’t bother to set such rules or else strive to live up to them.

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