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Archive for January 2012


Redistricting Technical Changes

At the request of county clerks around the state of Utah, the Utah State Legislature in conjunction with the Lieutenant Governor’s Office has proposed minor modifications to the redistricting maps passed during the special session in October 2011.  These changes are necessitated by small voting precincts and incorrect municipal boundaries provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.  The following links lead to pdf’s with the proposed changes and the relevant bill pages. Read more »


Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell: 2012 Political District Maps

The Lieutenant Governor’s Office launched the Utah Political District Maps website that displays interactive maps of the State House, State Senate, State Board of Education and Congressional Districts recently passed by the Utah State Legislature.  These maps are considered the official boundary maps for the four types of districts.  This site will also incorporate minor technical changes allowed by S.B. 3005, a bill passed at the end of the redistricting special session.

A link to this web site is provided below.

2012 Political District Maps