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October 12, 2011


Congress: Rep. Sumsion – Sumsion_16

Congress - Sumsion_16

Deviation From Ideal Population

Largest District: 0.00% (+1 people)

Smallest District: -0.00% (-0 people)

This map is a modification of SB 3002 which was recommended by the Redistricting Committee and has passed the Senate.

Congress – Sumsion_16 (kmz file)

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  • Guest

    No! No! NO!

  • Scott Christian Bauer

    I think what you guys are doing to Salt Lake County is pathetic!!!

  • Vicki Bennett

    See the curve that goes into Salt Lake County? That’s the top part of a “G”, for “Gerrymander”. There is no way that we have anything in common with the rural parts of the state. A majority of Utah’s residents live in urban/suburban areas. So our districts need to reflect that, with one rural district for the many that live in rural areas. 

  • Paul Johnson

    RIDICULOUS for St. George and Salt Lake City to be in the same district! What a joke!

  • Cptreft

    It’s screw Southern Utah all over again. they just won’t let this idea go when So many people have said that this will not work.

  • David Edward Garber

    Ummm…  I stick with what I’ve said about other minor variations of this same plan.

  • Anonymous

    There is absolutely NO justifiable reason to do this to Salt Lake County. None. Any map that does so will be recognized for what it is, and the leg will have another HB477 style fiasco on their hands. You can’t just cut the most populous county out of the process and think you can get away with it.

  • Jason Myers

    This map is terrible and does a disservice to the citizens of Utah.  If it is important for maps to have an “urban/rural” split there are much better options than this out there.  Legislators neeed to remember that they’re serving the people – not the politics.

  • Anonymous

    There is compelling and reasonable justification to divide SLCounty. 1) All rural areas get four advocates in Washington instead of just one.  2) SL County is important to everyone in the state of Utah.  It is the cultural, political and economic hub of the mountain west as well as the flagship city of a world-wide church.  It is important not to allow SL County to become like Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc…. just another island in the the Democrat’s “Urban Archipelago.”  See

    • David from Sandy UT

      >> “All rural areas get four advocates in Washington instead of just one.”

      Do the math.  This means that rural issues will be ignored by all four representatives.

  • David from Sandy UT

    The “pizza slice” approach is based on a foolish assumption that all four congressional representatives will pay attention to the issues near and dear to a tiny minority of rural voters in their districts.

    Follow the votes!  Follow the money!

    Approximately 2,084,000 Utahns live in Weber, Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah counties.  That is about 75.4% of the total.

    The remaining 680,000 Utahns (24.6%) live in “rural” areas.

    Do you really, really think that congressional representatives are going to give 170,000 Utahns the attention they need and deserve compared to the potential votes and especially the potential campaign contributions from the 521,000 potential voters in the urban and suburban precincts?

    Wake up and smell the Postum-like morning beverage.  The “pizza slice” approach is the worst possible scenario for Utahns living in rural areas.

    Utah’s approximately 680,000 rural residents NEED and DESERVE their own district and a member of congress completely focused on their issues.

    (These numbers will be posted elsewhere.  Apologies in advance for the duplication.)

  • trabe

    One of the worst I have seen

  • Wall_of_voodooslc

    Look out Herbert, Matheson is going on the warpath if this gets passed.

  • John Harrison

    Another terrible Sumsion map.  Rep. Sumsion, take a look at the entirely reasonable King map and tell me why it isn’t better in every way than the map you’ve produced based on the GOP’s own criteria:

  • dudeman

    As long as South Salt Lake and Holiday are out of District 2 or as long as District 2 contains big part of Davis, the Senate and House are getting nowhere when it comes to Representative democracy. That simple.

  • dudeman

    “Mero’s argument: 1) urban areas produce liberal politicians 2) they, in turn, produce big government = conservative view: carve up SLC.” At least Mr. Mero is honest. Few are going to disagree with the Sutherland Institute’s principles Mr. Mero. Along those lines me, Sen McAdams, or Matheson are just as conservative as you (we treasure capitalism, religion just as much as you and democracy apparently a heck of a lot more. What you interpret those principles allow you to do, however, is no different than the word games of Stalin (and I’m hardly saying you are otherwise the same). If Stalin had to deal with democracy, he would draw maps like you. Whatever, the State can get away with is fine in your view. Face it, you like one party rule, with no checks and balances.

  • Steve Swann

    Fix the the southern Utah problem. District 2 is still gerrymandered. I don’t want to see another ten years of that.