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October 14, 2011


Congress: SB3002S12, Congressional Boundaries Designation, by Rep. King

Congress - King_02

Deviation From Ideal Population

Largest District: 0.00% (+1 person)

Smallest District: -0.00% (-0 people)

12th Sub. S.B. 3002, sponsored by Representative Brian King.

Congress – King_02 (kmz)

  • Scott Christian Bauer

    Salt Lake County may need to be split, but Salt Lake City does not and should not be. Vote NO!

  • Gwrfree

    Salt Lake County and Davis County should NOT be broken up.  At a minimum keep Salt Lake County one district.  People in Salt  Lake and Davis County have different interests, compared voters in rural areas.  

  • David Edward Garber

    I understand that this variant of my concept extends its southern district northward to divide Utah County among two districts (rather than three), extends its eastern district westward to a clean longitudinal line along Redwood Road, and extends its western district southward into the Sevier Desert.

    I don’t like this variant quite as much as either my original concept ( or Brandon Plewe’s variant of it (, but I understand that it better pleases various Republican legislators.

    There are times for steadfastness and there are times for compromise.  It’s always wrong to compromise our clean conscience to sin and/or our innate rights (to life, property, contract, et cetera) to tyranny; this is rather like negotiating with a murderer for a mutilation, instead.  But redistricting is a matter in which compromise is generally exceptionally appropriate.

    I favor a compromise that will serve the general interests of all Utahns equally, rather than the special interests of their politicians and/or parties unequally, and I suspect that King’s proposal here may be such a compromise—or, at least, one that’s about as close to this ideal as Utah’s public can possibly get without their legislature rejecting it.

  • Craig Shuler, CPA

    This is another good plan.  I like it nearly as much as Brandon Plewe’s plan. 

    My only objection is a flaw it shares with the West Valley to Payson doughtnut hole plans–the way some districts hack up communities in Utah County where the incorporated cities have crazy boundaries that separate subdivisions in the county or neighboring towns.

    One is Draper’s top of South Mountain.  Another is Spanish Fork – County – Mapleton. Another splits my Grandpa Shuler’s old ranch betweeen the Payson City gerrymander to include the Payson Gladstan Golf Course and other parts of Elk Ridge,

  • Anonymous

    The district numbering is confusing.

    • David Edward Garber

      Agreed.  I think that, in this case, these districts would be best numbered north-clockwise.