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October 17, 2011


Congress: SB3002S15, Congressional Boundaries Designation, by Rep. King


Deviation From Ideal Population

Largest District: 0.00% (+1 person)

Smallest District: -0.00% (-0 people)

15th Sub. S.B. 3002, sponsored by Representative Brian King.

SB3002S15 (KMZ file)

  • David Edward Garber

    Thank you for renumbering these districts!  I think that north-clockwise makes the most sense in this case.  I didn’t consider such numbers as carefully as I should have done in my initial submissions, partly since we weren’t “allowed” to consider Congressional ambitions and/or partisan concerns, and partly because I didn’t know where exactly Jim Matheson lived, anyway.

    • David Edward Garber

      Now, if we could only improve that color scheme, as well, although I do like this one better than that shades-of-green one…  ;)

  • David Edward Garber

    I think that it makes about as much sense as possible (geographically, at least) to quadrusect Utah into (1) Ogden & Logan & the north, (2) SLC eastward, (3) Provo & St. George & the south, and (4) SLC westward.  If anyone wants to see two other worthy variants of this same concept, then please visit these two pages linked below.

    * Garber:
    * Plewe:

  • Brandon Plewe

    Not a bad approach (but not the best).  Redwood Road/13th West is actually a workable division (city limits would be better theoretically, but difficult I know).  I don’t like the division of southern Utah County, but I don’t see an easy fix that respects city limits, which this does down there.

  • David from Sandy UT

    Republicans won’t vote for this map because it doesn’t [self-censored] Salt Lake County independents, moderates, and progressive and it doesn’t guarantee Carl “Patrick Henry Was a Hypocrite” Wimmer a seat in Congress. 

    • David Edward Garber

      I think that Utah’s legislators should simply find consensus on a plan that makes sense geographically, as this one does more than most, regardless of however such a plan may affect their peers’ ambitions and/or their parties’ agendae.  If enough Utahns still want Matheson in Congress, then so be it.  If enough Utahns now want Wimmer in Congress, then so be it.  I think that Utahns will feel much happier with this process’ results, overall, if their legislators can somehow minimize partisanship in this process.  Otherwise, perhaps both SLC’s “liberals” and St. George’s “conservatives” will end up voting together, for example, which will render both subgroups less happy overall.


    One of the better maps.  I would keep all of Salt Lake City in one district and then divide the county along city limits (is. the Jordan River or I15).

  • AG

    maybe we shoud just redistrict based on religeon given that it is the only way the Utah population can be equally perpresented