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October 17, 2011


Congress: SB3002S16, Congressional Boundaries Designation, by Rep. Newbold


Deviation From Ideal Population

Largest District: 0.00% (+1 person)

Smallest District: -0.00% (-0 people)

16th Sub. S.B. 3002, sponsored by Representative Merlynn Newbold.

SB3002S16 (KMZ file)

  • David Edward Garber

    Like a figurative “bad penny,” this proposal keeps popping up in various forms.  Its boundaries don’t make much sense to me geographically, so I can’t help but assume that they were drawn in deference to priorities other than geography.  Perhaps someone could explain to me whose interests this map was designed to serve, since this is not immediately obvious to me?

  • Jpevans77

    Of course this makes no sense.  It is not meant to make sense from a democratic representation perspective.  It only makes sense if you are concerned with eliminating a democratic seat in the US House, AND trying to improve the chances for people running for with are essentially two new seats, all of whom are voting on these maps – but that is not a conflict of interest at all.  Add in the raw power politics of the right wing of the republican party, who seem happy to get Jim Matheson to run for gov, you get this map.  Who cares if Matheson becomes gov?  With overwhelming majorities in both houses, the repubs. develop a map in which they get congressional seats;  state senate seats that are absurd, etc …

  • David Edward Garber

    I note that grouping “liberal” SLC voters with “conservative” St. George voters, for example, renders both subgroups relatively unhappy.  Do you want your constituents to feel unhappy?  I think that Utahns would, in general, feel far happier with my basic concept in one of its forms…

    * Garber:
    * Plewe:
    * King:

  • Craig Shuler CPA

    This map, like SB3002 and the other West Valley to Payson doughnut hole maps would require the new congressperson for the for the gerrymander district connecting South Davis and SLC to San Juan County to cross district boundaries six times to go from North Salt Lake to Blanding by logical highways. It splits up hacks up Nebo School District.  Splits neighboring rural counties and deserves to be voted down or taken to court.

  • Utahn

    I can tell you why I like this map. Most of the growth in Utah over the last 10 years has taken place in the new 4th district which leaves the other three districts with substantial amounts of people still intact with Congressmen they’ve had a chance to know and interact with.

  • Brad

    I believe they are trying to put the plan together based on whether they think they will get elected to congress or not.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t be serious with this map? cutting eat mill creek in half? Gerrymanders knock it off!

  • David from Sandy UT

    The cake is a lie.  And this map PROVES that the pizza slice is a lie too.