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October 17, 2011


Congress: SB3002S17, Congressional Boundaries Designation, by Rep. Newbold


Deviation From Ideal Population

Largest District: 0.00% (+1 person)

Smallest District: -0.00% (-0 people)

17th Sub. S.B. 3002, sponsored by Representative Merlynn Newbold.

SB3002S17 (KMZ file)

  • David Edward Garber

    What the…?!  Is this redistricting process going psychedelic?  I feel totally baffled by these four bewildering conglomerations of precincts…

  • Scott Lundberg

    This option is terrible. My needs in a representative as a resident of downtown Salt Lake are not the same as the residents of Richfield or Payson and I bet they would say the same thing!

    • Anonymous

      We’re peasants who don’t matter down here in southern Utah, this map just proves our worthlessness in all ways during any time period that doesn’t involve an election.

      • Andrei

        Then maybe it’s time to change your state representative?

  • Tyrell Aagard

    Wow, it looks as if the goal here was to create 4 districts in the weirdest shapes possible. What in the hell does Nephi have in common with the strange slivers of West Jordan and Sandy they are grouped with, let alone the vast rural desert that is west Juab County? Why chop off part of Provo?

    And, just like all of the horrible variations of this pizza slice/Wimmerhole map, this maps combines (half) of Salt Lake City with St. George, something NEITHER CITY WANTS! And why does the legislature insist on combining the largest city in the state (and the economic, political, and cultural capitol) with a district that represents vast rural areas covering half of the area of the state? Having lived in both rural Juab County (Levan) and Salt Lake city proper, I can tell you that the rural-urban split makes these two types of areas WILDLY different in needs and wishes, and combining them only serves to the dissatisfaction from BOTH sides. The urban areas do not want to be combined with the rural, and the rural areas do not want to be combined with the urban!

    Doing so creates monstrosities like this, where next-door-neighbors Sandy and Riverton can’t be together, but somehow the legislature thinks it’s A-OK to allow Sandy and Nephi to be in the same district, and Salt Lake City and Blanding and St. George and most of the rest of the state South of Provo.

    And why split Davis County? There is no need population-wise, so that can’t be the excuse. Davis County (along with Utah County, which is also split in VERY strange ways) is one of the most homogenous areas of the state, and it makes perfect sense no matter how you look at it to keep this county intact.

    I could go on and on, but I highly doubt that our great and almighty legislature cares about what their constituents say, and much prefer to rule under one-party rule. If Stalin had to deal with democracy, I can see him making districts of this manner.

  • Crystal Young-Otterstrom

    This map doesn’t make any sense. SLC + Provo? They are a community of interest?

  • Qsteeljohn

    Kudos to our State Republican Congress and Senate.  Way to gerrymander our districts once again to find an unfair way of splitting up the Democratic voters in Salt Lake County. 

  • Dreamcasting

    This completely carves districts up in ways that don’t make sense. It’s okay to have reps that don’t line up with your interests, legislature.

  • David Edward Garber

    I’ve been informed that this map is another variant of my original concept, which derives from the premise that Utah is most sensibly quadrusected into (1) Ogden/Layton & Logan & the north, (2) SLC eastward, (3) Provo/Orem & St. George & the south, and (4) SLC westward.  Other than the outline of Utah, this proposal bears no resemblance to my own, and I do not claim it as such.  If anyone want to examine my original proposal, or two other actual variants of it, along with their public feedback, then please view these three pages linked below…

    * Garber:
    * Plewe:
    * King:

    • cjhaws

      From where I stand, out of these 3 maps, I like the Garber map the best as it does not cut off a chunk of my Foxboro neighborhood in North Salt Lake. It may not be the straightest line, but it’s not that bad, and I appreciate the logic.

  • Evanjohnson


    • Scott Christian Bauer

      Have WHAT, exactly???

  • Anonymous

    Mobocracy at it’s most vicious. We are the 49%

  • Jason Myers

    This map looks nothing like the Garber maps it was claimed to be based from.  This map most obviously seems to be an attempt to protect Republican incumbents while changing Representative Matheson’s constituency dramatically.  Once again this does not serve the geographical interests of Utah’s citizens.

    • David Edward Garber

      I agree, Jason.  If someone hadn’t informed me that this was an alleged variant of my original concept, then I never would have guessed.

  • Glenn Wright

    Superimpose sub 16 over sub 15. They are not even close.

  • Maryann Martindale

    The only thing this map has in common with the original Garber map is the outside shape of the state of Utah. To state that this is a compromise is an outright lie. The “public” process has been a sham from the outset and the public has been treated to one dog and pony show after the other. This new map that is now seriously being considered has been visible to the public for an hour–how is that including the public in the process? Easy answer–it isn’t!

    Join the upset citizens of Utah at 5pm until — they kick us out. Take back the people’s house! Come and express your dissatisfaction at having the wool pulled over our eyes.

  • Sanpeteman

    The Cox/McAdams map is far superior to this one. 

  • Alex Gilvarry

    What a joke.

  • Rustylion1026

    It looks like our majority republican legislature will get their way as usual, and watch our stupid lame brain governor vote for it….this is a joke, and they all know it… 

  • Anonymous

    borderline insane. Unless you can’t help your self but gerrymander the crap out of this state.

  • Dave

    This is horrible!  The worst I’ve seen yet!  Tooele County has nothing in common with West Valley City!!  Forget all the petty partisanship and make 1 big rural district and then carve up the cities if you must.

    • Scott Christian Bauer


  • Kevin

    I am “far right wing” republican, and am frustrated with the legislature with these maps. Give Salt Lake County it’s own district. Draw some maps that make sense.

    • David Edward Garber

      Salt Lake County is too populous to be contained within a single U.S. Congressional district; however, it’s nearly populous enough for a pair of these.

  • Scott Christian Bauer

    Absolutely pathetic! If a map like this gets adopted, I’ll have to seriously consider moving back to Missouri where they’re a whole lot more reasonable about things like this!

  • Anonymous

    It’s still a Wimmer hole, you just extended it out where no one lives. Disgusting.

  • Craig Shuler CPA

    This is a brand new gerrymander.  The Garber and Plewe plans would be much better.  Bad things:

    1.  No roads at all connect SLC on this map with Wastach Co., southeast, southwest and central are a wilderness hiker to Alta or go through Park City or Provo-Orem.

    2.  Wasatch County is separated from all three of its logical adjacent communities–Summit County, DuchesneCounty, and Utah County.

    2.  Juab County and Genola are separated from all four of their adjacent communities–the major ones being Santaquin-Payson-Spanish Fork and Sanpete County.  The lessor ones being Millard and Tooele County.

    3.  Uintah Valley belongs in an east District, not a north one.  Either way they should be with Wastach Co.

    4. Granite School District is divided in three ways.

    Good things:
    1.  Salt Lake City & School District east west division and Davis County & School District north south divisions are reasonable.
    2   Jordan District is not split up
    3.  Canyons District is mostly together except the Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons.
    4.  Central, Southeast, Southwest Utah are not split up (as in the Garber and Plewe plans.

  • Anonymous

    Matheson for Governor!

  • Mayor Hiatt

    I am not a fan of this map.  I have concerns about any community being diced up in a zig-zag manner.  This does JUST THAT in Kaysville, pulling 258 homes out (we have roughly 7,500).  Not a fan.   -Mayor Steve Hiatt – Kaysville

  • Andrei

    Oh, no way can this one go through. I refuse to be represented by Carl “Kill the babies with a 1911″ Wimmer

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked republicans could make it this fair.