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October 12, 2011


Congress: Rep. Sumsion – Sumsion_15


Deviation From Ideal Population

Largest District: 0.00% (+1 people)

Smallest District: -0.00% (-0 people)

This map is a modification of SB 3002 which was recommended by the Redistricting Committee and has passed the Senate.

Sumsion_15 (KMZ file)

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  • David Edward Garber

    Hmmm.  I think that some variants of this concept are better than others, but I think that it’s a flawed concept to begin with.  I feel curious to know why it’s finding so much more favor with Utah’s politicians than with their constituents.

  • Guest

    This is virtually the same as the one passed by the RC and the Senate. NO, NO, NO!

  • Scott Christian Bauer

    I think what you guys are doing to Salt Lake County is pathetic!!!

  • Paul Johnson

    These options make me vomit!

  • Cptreft

    Boy do those Bozo’s refuse to hear the people. What part of NO don’t they understand?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is absolutely NO justifiable reason to do this to Salt Lake County. None. Any map that does so will be recognized for what it is, and the leg will have another HB477 style fiasco on their hands. You can’t just cut the most populous county out of the process and think you can get away with it.

  • Anonymous

    I see one glaring problem with this map – one of the districts contains no federal land. Proof that argument was just a ploy.

  • Jason Myers

    Again, this map doesn’t seem to be serving the interest of voters.  The NSEW model of the Garber/King plan makes much more logical sense regarding the people and geographical landscape of Utah.

  • David from Sandy UT

    In my family, we call a flat-nosed garden tool a flat-nosed garden tool.  This map proves that the “pizza slice” is a lie.

  • Wall_of_voodooslc

    Seriously!? This was one of the worst ones. Not fair to anybody GOP or DEM. Especially not fair for us independents.

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  • Craig Shuler, CPA

    By nearly any definition, any of the Republican-only West Valley to Payson doughnut-hole plans, including this one, have a gerrymander district around that district, connecting south Davis County and San Juan County.
    To use logical freeways and highways, those maps cross proposed district boundaries multiple times to get from Woods Cross or SLC to Blanding! SB3002 and Rep. Sumsion’s proposed Substitutions 15 and 16 all cross boundary lines 6 times.

  • Guest

    Why do all these maps split off the west side of Draper from the east side? It’s not a huge area on the west side of the freeway. Seems like it should be simple to include it with the rest of the city.