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August 26, 2011


State Capitol, Next Phase: September Meetings

Inside Capitol

We continue redistricting work here at the Capitol, with a series of meetings to work on adopting final recommendations to submit to the Legislature on State Board of Education, State House, Senate, and Congressional districts.

These meetings will be held on Sept. 7th and 12th at the Senate Building, in room 210. [Update: the September 12th meeting will start at 11 a.m.]

We have meetings on the 22nd, and 27th, both beginning at 9 AM at 445 State Capitol. We have another meeting on Thursday, the 29th at 10 AM. This meeting is also at 445 State Capitol. Find more information on the Redistricting Committee page.

As usual, the public is welcome, and we still need your comments.  If you can’t be there in person, you can always listen live at

Also – follow the proceedings on Twitter.  Hashtag: #UTredistricting

Which reminds me, have you seen the base map for the State Board of Education, State Senate, House, and Congressional districts? They’re linked here, so check it out, and leave your comments. Thanks.

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  • Tws

    Redistricting should never be done with a consideration to what is best for any politician, nor what is best for a political party.  It should only be done with consideration for what is best for the great people of Utah.  In spite of this, I consistently hear that the voters should just accept that the political party in power will naturally do what is best for that party and draw district lines with the goal to get more of that party’s candidates elected.  This is portrayed as being realistic.

    I would hope and pray that the party in power would still be Utahans first, last and always.  Having loyalty to the political party,  Republican or  Democratic, first, or even equal equal to loyalty to our great state in disgusting.  This party loyalty is what makes the name calling in Washington so over whelming and makes the political talk so toxic.  To the extent I see the redistricting being done for the good of a political party, rather than the good of the State of Utah, I will do what I can to get those pushing the political agenda out of office.  

    I am grateful to those in public life who put the good of Utah first, last and always.  They are statesmen/women.  There are many who fit this description, our last several Governors, Senator John Valentine, and my own State Representative, Bradley Daw.  The rest are political creatures who have learned how to glut themselves at the public trough.  They are a blight on the great State of Utah. 

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